How Cardiff Became the Capital of Wales

Posted by Pete on 2nd Aug 2022

Our historian, Pete, explores what it means to be a capital city How is a nation’s capital city decided? With a lot of disagreement, it turns out… Take Wales, where the great city of C … read more

The Affordable Staycation

Posted by Tom on 5th Jul 2022

Our writer, Tom, offers a few tips and tricks for a cheap UK holiday this summer... Staycations have been all the rage over the last two years, and it’s easy to see why: with international tra … read more

Tyneside at War

Posted by Pete on 26th Apr 2022

Our historian, Pete, explores the role that Newcastle played in winning the Great War Newcastle has plenty of claims to fame. Ant & Dec were both born and bred in the city. Greggs opened i … read more

New York via Glasgow

Posted by Pete on 25th Apr 2022

Our historian, Pete, tells the story of his family's journey from Tsarist Lithuania to the banks of the River Clyde Long ago, before the rise of commercial aviation, the ocean voyage from L … read more